Speculation 1….

Okay, so this is something I haven’t documented….

I wrote that at one time I was forever ramming my left foot into my right ankle… In other words… my left leg was probably turned in a little, when I was a child… and when did that action stop??? When did the body take over the control???

My first clue… Planters warts on my big toe on the pad side because my shoes were to big and my feet moved around in them…. this was Japan, circa fall 1968….. by 1969 something changed or lets just say, one of those christian moments happened…..where don’t spare the rod, because the child spoke the truth…..

Here’s my speculation… the brain injury in Texas in 1967 was major, along with a bleed on the brain…. this injury caused such issues that I needed care…. I feel this is the right track of probability only because of physical attributes that were all of a sudden gone and new attributes appeared….

When Texas happened and they beat upon a 90 pound 13 year old girl…. Margie died… oh boy, did that child die…

You see I can see her brillance and talent and …. I can still hear her screams… and no one stopped it, until Okinawa 1971 and the last blow was delivered….

The guys on their way to Vietnam… said Maggi was her name and Margie became a ghost of a memory from that last blow…. an Maggi would not allow one more body blow… the mouth, she could not stop the words the christian parents spewed…. no that’s their gods job…. yea right…………

What has that to do with my toes…. I’ve been told for decades it was all neurological and I fight to keep my toes from curling under and know that I need to finish my exercises… but even as I sit here, I am flexing everything, to get the nerves that were beaten so brutally from birth till 17….. begging them to relax and give me some relief… I’ve stumbled twice today… and a few times things have gone flying…

I am not sure what the neuro will have to say about the other episodes… but like he said… my injuries are not focalized or singular… it’s my whole body… inside and out, that christians tried so hard to control and when they couldn’t, they tried destroying it… just one problem….

My humanity saved me and not man’s god…..

I remember… Margie…. Sgt. USAF DAV

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