Good Morning World… I woke up another day after TBI….

Rain and lots of it… Rained so hard during the night, all the motion lights kept kicking on… it was like a light show in our bedroom… no air movement, and very warm… That is living on Hawaii…..

Watch the news after we get out of bed, and it’s all so depressing, when you see the number of lives lost, that shouldn’t have been lost….

Bush said in 04 or 05… If we don’t prepare for the unexpected, we won’t be ready… so Trump saying we didn’t know, is just another christian lie… and there is so many, christian lies… when does Truth Matter??? Now???

Hubby running up to Keaau to get mail on Sunday, less peeps around… and that is our last time out among the population for the next couple of months… sounds horrible huh, being cooped up for a couple of months???

I’ve been retired since 1996… 42 years old and retired…. so being busy for the last 23 years, not hard at all… hubby has been retired since 03… we have a beautiful property… we both may be disabled of the body… but that doesn’t keep us from being productive….

So Neuro wants me to write the blog… UGH!!! So done with this… but I get where he is coming from… Mental health is vital on this journey to remember and after what happened at the El Paso VA on the operating table!!!

I’m so happy to be back in my brain again and the memories do open up daily, hourly, every minute… well, maybe… but the past has filled in…..

The more I exercise, the more I remember the injuries and how I got them and who gave them to me… so, no, there will never be a reconciliation between me and mommy dearest…. Daddy dearest is already 6 feet under and dancing with his man made devil…. Mommy… well Covid 19 may have a say about that…. but if I had it and got over it, I got my genes from someplace, so the DNA test says…. (Enough sarcasm???)

Roosters, I can hear 4…. telling each other stay out of my territory… only one problem… one of those roosters has decided our acre is his turf… I can’t win, when it comes to sleep, so I’m learning to sleep through the noise… and I will NEVER own a chicken…. EVER!!!!

Reality of this pandemic is setting in… our leaving here is looking more like 2022 and that’s just being honest with the airlines, shipping stuff and the fact the virus is likely to mutate and a vaccine won’t happen because of that mutation…. we will see if I’m right… lets hope it’s mutated twice and is done… always have Hope…

I’m finding no problem putting on the weight… I bought 10 bags of Jelly beans Thursday… the last 3 bags are in the bowl… so that might explain our tossing an turning… but it was a fun binge… we love jelly beans….

Great gran kids were sent easter baskets… tradition is so much a part of America… even though we are aethist, we are honest about the easter bunny, santa clause, tooth fairy and gods…. all stories to make humans have faith in anything but themselves….. my great gran kids will not grow up dumbed down….

If the neurologist and I are right, the hernia in my neck is helping to move my mandible, exercise is real important… as I straighten my spine and put my neck back in proper place… it hurts after about 30 seconds of improper posture… and my back muscles are already angry with the weights I’m doing…

The pain is familiar and some of the exercises, trigger flash’s of memory of the violence a child endured……

So as you hug your significant other or kids… realize, we are all in this together… I want nothing more than the suffering to stop, and the only way that will happen, is if we are all in this together… those that reject the isolation….. those will be the religious, thinking they are gods… other wise why take away MY REPRODUCTIVE RIGHTS????? Rape is rape, no matter what bull shit story you tell…. Mary was raped…. and some of you worship a god that approves of that rape….

I remember Margie…. Sgt. USAF DAV

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