Waiting on Big Island, Hawaii….

Still business as usual on Hawaii… yes most of us are staying home and doing the right thing for each other….but…..

My security cameras have captured car, truck, 4 wheelers loaded with people, headed to the cliffs to fish…. uh, so much for distancing…

I get a kick out of the neurologist…. when I had hubby tested, the man was a complete dud…. now, after almost 3 years, he’s getting interesting...

Are you getting any sleep????

Between my dental and my body not being happy at this point in time… I get about 2 hours… so a long nap today is on my agenda… been up since 2AM….

If I make it past Wednesday and no symptoms… I should be clear, till we hit our peak, and with what we are seeing out our window… it’s going to be ugly on the island… we have many seniors and lots of homeless…. no, it won’t be pretty here….

So the Neuro wants me to continue the blog… what the hell am I going to write about??? I get bored with something, I move on to another hobby…. always been that way and bored with this I have become…. if you could only see my expression…. It’s not a pretty one…. that, I promise….

It comes down to finding a subject that needs addressing…. I’ve pretty much done that… I’m speculating on what the neuro will tell me, after he reviews the scans of my brain and neck… will his diagnosis concur with mine???

As for the psychology part… Once I started remembering… miss smarty pants started melding into who I became…. she really is annoying at times...

Margie doesn’t visit my dreams anymore… what was and needed to be remembered, has been…. thus the desire to quit the blog…. to write now, would be to give the book away and tell the whole story and it would just drive me bat shit crazy trying to write here, with all the noise we have from the traffic on Makuu street…. now wouldn’t it be sad, if the virus made it quiet??? Now that would feel like I’m in the Matrix……

Have a beautiful day, stay home and stay safe…..

I remember… Margie… Sgt USAF DAV

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