You Can Feel it… in the Air…

How are your nights going??? Tossing, turning…. cough or sneeze and you get just a little concerned… all of a sudden you can’t taste something??? or the news is full of doom and gloom???

Welcome to veterans nightmares America…. Over whelmed health care system is the VA and has been for decades, thanks to congress…. Crappy health care in the VA system, because of congress…. no one held accountable… is the VA health care system because of congress…. and now America…

You are getting a taste of what Veterans have endured for decades… Not fun is it????

Explains why I went out of my way to learn as much as I could… Explains why I figured out my own death and just had loads of nonsense written in my VA records, because they couldn’t or didn’t want to do the job… now they got no choice… funny how life turns the table on the wicked….

Corruption in government is not new… and Trump and Mcconnel not owning this moment in time is typical con’s that say they are christian, just so they can get rich off of you and take what they want… and guess what??? They are….

Hope is always there and I hope Pelosi can make things happen for the American people… but gods and superstions need to go the way of the dinosaur and mental illness be the forefront of health care in the world… honest, Psychology 101… those 2 things are full blown mental illness… religion and superstions….an I shake my head on how humans have survived so far, maybe not after this…

Traffic up and down Makuu is the normal, equipment, contractors and just lots of people in general… and my heart feels cold as I realize, it will get quiet, but for all the wrong reasons…. how many will die on our little island???

Long night of pain last night, every other hour up and moving around to take the pressure off the nerves running down an through my whole body… the result of a christian woman, beating up a 5 year old child… yea for man’s god… why do you think rape is okay??? your god says it is??? Just wow…..

Hubby out walking the pups… my body says no walk this morning… so exercise later and lots of it, to make up for the mile I missed…

Neurology this week… yippee…. questions and just maybe some answers so I can read up on it…

Out of things to write about… my mind is to busy with so much other things…

Stay safe, stay home…..

I remember… Margie….

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