Has Life Changed for You???

On the news our cases of the Covid19 are growing an our little neck of the woods is a hot spot… per the data on testing… so you get why I be just a little pissed by the number of people we see going up and down our rural road… and we be rural… and because of the lack of ability to be adults, hubby an I have to be adults….

Our shopping days are done… and mail, well that will take planning, but we have informed delivery, so, we know when to go get stuff out of the box and when we will have to go inside… so plan we do….

Last public contact, will be 5 days tomorrow… neither of us sick and we want to keep it that way…

I may have to get a little creative with dinners, if I run out of fresh veggies and another vehicle drives by…. these peeps have no clue what is coming….

We are ordering everything we need to work on the house, pay a little more, but stay healthy… everything gets disinfected from time of pick up to time of opening the box’s… everything is clorox wiped…. everything and hubby changes clothes when he gets back from the errand…

And another rig, take that back, 2, go by…. you can’t fix stupid….

We expect to see rigs, late, for shift change and early for shift change… but what we are seeing, business as usual, so that tells you what we have for enforcement and why Mauna Kea debacle will haunt these islands for decades…. at least the native americans take the white man’s money at the casino… Hawaii has a lot to learn about getting even with capitalism….

It’s quiet at the moment, rain falling gently across the jungle… the sounds of birds and roosters fill the air and off in the distance I hear another rig drive by…. they have no clue how bad this is going to be… I know, I’ve lived it…

Our baby gecko’s are keeping the house free of bugs… and the rest outside, keep us reasonably clean too, add the chickens from next door that love to peck on our land… being outside, when it’s not raining, is really nice…

I’ve been thinking about the book, should I go forward???… I got heard, do I need more???… I don’t have that answer yet….

Am I still angry???… some, I think that is part of who I became, because of Margies death… it’s her voice, because it was her death…..

At times like this, depression can be intrusive… I occupy the mind and body… always something needing done or thought about….what if’s don’t solve, what is……..

Have a safe day….

I Remember… Margie… 8 more rigs and more coming…. just wow on ignorance…

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