Chicken Little….

In times of stress and fear… people turn to gods and superstitions… because they don’t understand the disaster happening around them… and for some odd reason, their superstitions and gods aren’t fixing the problem causing the disaster… so what do they do… why they let the NRA file a lawsuit, so they can go out an buy guns to shoot a virus….????

Honestly people, are you in the time of the dinosaur or are you brainwashed by those so afraid of their shadows…. you got to shoot first and ask questions later…. Trump is that kind of human… are you????

When the flu of 1917/18 happened we were in WWI and we lost more lives to that flu than the war and that is a fact and the president at that time, didn’t do one damn thing to fight the flu… he was a real war time president…

Trump… Trump is a christian and a bully… and if you didn’t prepare for this mess when I told you I was… you got no one to blame but yourself… and that again is a fact….

It is ironic how everything I predicted has come to pass… I really should get on TV an get paid to tell the obvious… I said I had a gift… have you figured it out yet???

Yesterday we watched over a 100 cars go up and down Makuu street and I promise you, these people will bitch till hell freezes over if they get the flu… children have to want to grow up and Hawaii is still full of children….

Sleep, for me, is the norm… pain in the middle of the night and I get a few hours and up… that is life and nothing I can do about it… the pandemic took all control from me… so suffer, like I have for 10 years now… nothing new in VA death care…..

So we are planning… if no depression and we can afford it… we are leaving Hawaii in the spring or maybe this fall… just depends on factors I have no control over… which is life, because my choices may conflict with other peoples choices and one of us is going to be disappointed….

I read the science on the proteins and receptors of the Covid19…. really makes me use the little college I do have and makes me pull on all I have learned over the decades… this virus has genetic markers that go after certain people, because of their genetics…. not sex… genetics… So curious I am, if I am right on what I read….

We are insuring we don’t miss taking any of our anti inflamatory supplements and hubby doesn’t miss his meds…. and we are both doing the deep breathing exercises, to keep our lungs capable of pushing air out…. bio-feedback is how I learned this technique and have used it for 40 plus years… and I have had COPD since I was a child….and just started using inhalers the last couple of years… so the exercise does work…

We are both trying to get outside and get sun… Vit D so important in fighting illness… proper diet, sleep and exercise… doing all we can to stay healthy… plus keeping to our little acre, except when we walk the dogs… it does pay to live in the jungle… less peeps walking around…

As for my journey to remember… it’s happening… it’s weird, it’s odd, it’s jolting and sometimes it’s a punch in the gut…. and it amazes me how much I lost when I had the stroke at the El Paso VA they covered up…. but it’s coming back, plus some….

We have a goal… we have a plan…. and we have today….

What more can you ask for???

Stay safe….

I remember… Margie….

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