Brain Injury… My Journey Thru Time….

Who would have thought in September 2017, when I had hubby tested for dementia or what ever was happening in his brain….

And it turned out to be me… I was the one lost….

When the test results on hubby came back normal, I went into panic mode…. and I allowed the knowledge to sink in… something was wrong in my head and I didn’t know what….

I had been psych tested several times by the VA and SS and it all came in as PTSD, but no one could tell me why I had PTSD… so I knew it wasn’t mental illness, but something secret… something I wasn’t suppose to remember… only one problem…

I did remember… and I remembered because of a young man, who was an airman and he killed 26 people in Sutherland Springs, Texas…

You see… Airman, Texas and death was the trigger and on Nov 7, 2017…

I remembered Margies death….

If you chose to get out of your boredom you are in because of the pandemic…

Start at the beginning of my blog…

It shows my frustration, it shows my paranoia, it shows my pain and most of all it shows my anger at the silence of the living… an yes they are still living, well, Covid 19 may have something to say about that….

If you read the whole blog… it even shows my bigotry…..

Have I made progress since I remembered my own deaths???

Yes… Do I have more progress to make….

Yes… I will always be working on what was stolen from me by people who hide behind a god that can’t save them from Covid 19…..

I wrote not to long ago a change was coming…..

And it is…..

There is hope for brain injury and memory loss…

I know… I’m living proof…. I always had hope, I would remember….

Sgt. USAF DAV I remember… Margie…..

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