Reality check…you can’t fix stupid…

Well thank you corrupt christians, you made this mess an now you are trying to buy your way out, just like buying your way into mans heaven, that never existed, except in the brain…. that being said…

If you expect stimulus for USA… file your tax returns or they will base your checks on last years return… if you get SS like me, an do not have to file tax returns, your check will be automatic…if you have direct deposit…


Why??? I worked USDA an ordered checks in the multi millions from treasury… there is a check an balance an it takes changes to the program for the government to send you checks…if you have direct deposit you might see money late April, but reality, May will be when you get the bonus checks from the feds…

As for opening USA back up for business??? If you want to destroy a nation, believe in your god an trust the republicans, an I will see you when you hit the backside of man made hell….

You can’t fix stupid, stupid has to want to be fixed….


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