How’s your Daily Trump Drama??? or Covid19??? edited

Early to bed, early to rise…. hubby was up and out the door before 5:30AM to go do our shopping…

Here on Hawaii, they are asking that only 1 person per family, do the shopping and for Kapuna… us old folks… we get special hours, because of course, we old and get up early… those days of sleeping in… died, when the alcohol got put away…. and I hear a hen, just going off… so quiet in the morning…..

My big question…. if god was and is so great and Mary was not raped, but made pregnant by a mystical angel… why can’t this god fight it’s own earth made virus????

If you can answer that question…. Dr. Phil is your man… If you can’t answer that question… at least you didn’t fully dumb down your brain….

We start our shut in today, after hubby gets home… after this, it’s food and garbage dump and walking in our jungle, here on Hawaii…. an I see the sun peeking thru… nice to see it again, we have had more rain than any of us expected for rainy season… an that hen just continues to cluck away….

Every cough, every sneeze and every headache questioned… what got me, the nurse from the epi center in Washington, talked about patients with the red eye syndrome, that CDC has not talked about and patients were dead within 24 hours of exhibiting these symptoms…. Hubby had that red eye… it was more of blood shot in conjuction with his fever… again, our medicines we take are not for Covid19… and we have been on these anti-inflamatories for a very long time….an I hope it keeps us safe… but, every symptom we exhibt I examine…

So far, our appointments at the doctors have been cancelled…. Neurology is no more…. Cardiology is no more and my dental is at the end of April for surgical consult…. and you got it… it, likely won’t happen…. so we are planning for our return home next year or buying a 2nd home and start the process of relocating and let them start the dental next year… decsions, decisons…..

The kids we have contact with… lots of face time and texting… everyone is just a little scared… I’ve lived it, they should be scared… I still remember Japan and how sick I was…. pandemic of 86 in the far east…. just wow on that time….

The day has started… hubby in town for shopping, so the chores fall to me this morning and one of those… walk the pups that mile they enjoy…. time for a short break as the sun rises an warms up the earth……

Have a beautiful day and stay safe…

Sgt. USAF DAV I Remember… Margie…

my assumption, ltrs we got were depts moving, not canceling…so hopefully neurology still happens…

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