Earth Here… Want to say Sorry….

Hello, this is earth here… wanted to pass on my apologies for setting upon the human race, this Covid-19….

It was purely accidential, ya see… the habitat for many of my children is being destroyed by you humans and I just thought, just maybe, if I gave you a pause, you would stop and think about all my children and not just yourselves…

I tried before, with the moving of the continents…. and I tried with letting the children grow big, but somebody was playing pool with the universe and that got taken out by outside forces…..

I tried with the mini ice age, an you just thrived… so I threw the plague at you, an it slowed you down some… but look where you are at now…

Nitrogen levels rising in China…

So the experiment I tried with humans on my planet…. worked as well as the humans polluting my planet….

And all the yahoos in DC can talk about is the companies and economy….. just about as fruitful as the churches….

Its up to you to decide…. do you want a planet to live on or 6 feet under…..

Planet earth signing off…. at least I tried….

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