Malaria drug for Covid-19…

I wrote that hubby has been on this drug for a while… 17 years to be exact… RA is a nasty illness… but that is not the only thing we did to reduce inflamation… which is something we both live with… me, my whole life and hubby… the last 20 years….

So, before you go running out begging for the malaria drug… just because… know the facts….

We both have been taking tumeric in our meals, naturally for over 10 years… we both take Bio-astin a Hawiian supplement that is anti-inflamatory and we have been on it 2 years next month…. Hubby also takes Xeljanz for the last 18 months…

All we do, is to reduce inflamation in the body, because of heart disease and neuropathy… a life style choice we made a long time ago….

Now we won’t know if we had Covid-19 until hubby gets blood work and they look for it, and that’s not going to happen anytime soon… doctor appointments are being cancelled by the doctors… which means… I may not have implants this year and we are going home, so over VA death care…

Regardless, if you are worried about the virus… what we did and have done… we have done for years, not days, not months… years…..

The malaria drug can make you sick if taken improperly… so don’t do it on your own… as for the over the counter stuff… Bio-astin, Tumeric seasoning, which goes on all our cooked food….. is a lifestyle choice….

The fact that it may protect us from a new virus, is just a bonus… keep in mind, hubby’s symptoms were 10 times worse than mine and I was on the verge of taking him to hospital, if the fever hadn’t broke…. an scanning his lungs won’t do much good, we know from his triple by pass, his lungs are already damaged…. from COPD….

If you make good choices, you never know it, until it’s tested… just like man’s god is being tested…. by closing it’s doors….

I remember….Margie

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