Fear is the Mind Killer….

Dune… the story reminds me of what we are going through right now, because of poor leadership and the desire to control women’s reproductive rights in America… sad, but truth is not always happy….

My daughter is scared, so is her daughter… fear can take us on a journey, like no other, if you let fear rule….

Trump and his evangelicals can get this virus, just like you and me… and my kids… it cares not for your politics or beliefs… no Covid19 is just looking for it’s next host and you may or may not be it….

So I won’t regale you with the horror stories of 86 on Japan or 2010 in New Mexico and the swine flu was winding down… no, those moments in time is what made me a full believer in the flu shot and pneumonia shot…. both up to date….

All I can do is tell you, do what the professionals at the CDC and state health department tell you… keep a distance from your family, but make sure they are okay too…. I sent stuff by mail and so far, several of us are on google duo now…

So, just be there for each other, support each other and most of all….

Stay home….

Hawaii is closing it’s borders….. peace and quiet will be one weird experience with no tourist running around….

Stay safe…. Mahalo for reading my story….

Sgt. USAF DAV I Remember… Margie….

oh, I forgot… the roosters are still here…. oh well, so much for quiet….

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