TBI didn’t take all my smarts…

When the stroke happened at the El Paso VA that they covered up…. I lost so much progress, from coming back from the stroke on Japan in 86…. Every step forward, was many steps backwards and the anger started building….

Then a young man murdered 26 people in Sutherland Springs, Texas… and the memories of Margie’s death and traumatic brain injury came back into my waking mind…. wow on how long and how much work this all takes…. to remember…..

I’m not all the way their yet…. Much of what I have learned, I have lost…. and I fear losing more…. Neurology appointment soon, if this virus doesn’t stop it happening…. an it may… took 6 months to get this one… but, I won’t let that slow my progress down…. and their is progress daily, some subtle, some earth shattering…. I didn’t realize I forgot so much…..

I fear the implants will get put on hold, only in my mind… mine isn’t really elective… I’m full blown allergic to denture’s an my mouth lets me know by burning… ugh….. but if this virus screws things up… I’m looking at getting us home in the next 12 to 18 months… we had an inquiry about selling our house a couple days ago… just not the time… right now….

I have found that the herniated c5-6 is the cause of the dizzy feeling and the balance issues, as well as lot of the neuropathy issues…. so the exercise has been important and I do them as often as I can, just not all at once, spread out, but daily…. what can I say, I hate exercise…. but it is helping, though you wouldn’t know it by my kitchen when I cook… my hands don’t actually listen to my brain….

I did try searching my medical records for the report from the Oregon VA about the head scan… it’s not in the records the VA sent me… nope, I got a couple dude’s records mixed in with mine and prostate exam to boot….. federal employees are as worthless as Trump…. an this was my 2nd request of those records…. UNCLE!!!

But I did see some things while looking at the records and I have had every test under the sun including a bone biopsy, a test from living hell… and guess what….

No one got one diagnosis right… not one VA, Military or Civilian doctor…. just wow and now you should be scared about this virus….

I can protect myself and hubby from virus’s… by vaccine or distance…. I can’t protect our ass’s from you…..

Happy Covid19…..

I remember… Margie….

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