Plaquenil the COVID-19 drug???

Remember when I told you that we probably had the Covid-19 back in January and there would have been no way to test or treat… but how do I know we had it so early on Hawaii??? This is the scenario….

Because of my dental issues… I don’t go anyplace unless I have an appointment or need to shop for the house….

Back in January, right after the 1st of the year, the dentist needed to take impressions for the VA and I needed to be seen and I told them about my symptoms and the receptionist said, well something like that is going around and no one knows what it is…. that being said… here is why I think we had it….

Plaquenil is used for patients with Rheumatoid Arthritis…. which hubby has had since 2002 and started taking things that were anti inflamatory and Plaquenil is used for malaria and RA…..

Hubby has also been taking Bio-astin the Hawiian anti inflamatory drug supplement and so have I, for over 18 months…. so that’s 2 anti inflamatory drugs hubby takes and add Xeljanz to that….

That explains hubby’s mild but dangerous symptoms… we were on the verge of a hospital visit, when the fever finally quit…..

His symptoms were and are identical to Covid-19… don’t forget, we do all the right by flu and pneumonia shots….

So I think, if Hawaii had been able to test hubby in January, they would have found the Covid 19 mild form, was already on Hawaii…..

I got it too, but in a milder form… the only difference for me… I don’t take Plaquenil or Xeljanz….. but…. that one little word but… I did get the yellow fever shot, which is a life time vaccine and that has anti inflamatory properties…. and I take the bio astin and other supplements for inflamation because of my neuropathy… all doctor recommended by the neurologist…..

Until they can test for the MRA in the blood from the illness, we won’t know for sure that I’m right….

But I’ve been wrong so little when it comes to medicine… If that wasn’t true, I wouldn’t know about my brain injuries the government worked so hard to hide…..

2 points for the IQ ability…..

So hubby will do our running around, even though he is a triple by pass patient and has permanent lung damage… his drugs he is taking is protecting him and it looks like the CDC backed that up today….

So yea for me, even though christians did all they could to destroy the body… the brain beat them in the long run….

Happy Covid19……

I Remember… Margie… and so much more…. daily….

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