Goofing off…. back to 240 AD or CE

Doing some ancestry an I have Scandinavian in my DNA as well as French an German…. so to find relation back to the early years of this era wasn’t surprising…. but ever so fascinating…..

Now of course, most of the royalty is on the female line, but dads has some interesting…i.e. Davy Crockett….

But to be able to trace your family back to when Rome made up the infamous god, is just to fun…. Plan to get into more ancestry tomorrow….

Getting closer to a full shutdown of all activity, so this virus can run its course…. If you are bored, do a DNA test, well maybe not…you got to spit an sharing may not be a good idea…

We are getting plenty of bangers on Makuu street, spreading the Aloha as they drown out our TV by blasting the stuff they call music…to me, full blown asshole bully noise…

Stay safe….

I remember…

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