Finding my way back from brain injury….

Neurology appointment coming soon… doubt it will be my last… I doubt they will do any more paper testing… the last 2 by the VA, both showed PTSD…. an above average intelligence… and that is one tool, I have made use of…..

What ever happened on the operating table in Nov 2011 at the El Paso VA, it changed everything… was it a stroke or a seizure or was it something worse???

I probably will never know… if you haven’t noticed… the federal government is above the law… Manning is jailed for refusing to testify, but not Bolton or any of the DC deep state…. sure we have democracy… just depends who’s payroll you are on… sorry I digress, VA employees are not trustworthy and they have proven that directly to me over the last few decades….

That being said…. living on Hawaii and having more control over my health care and my brain waking up after the mass killing in Sutherland Springs, Texas 11/5/17…… the rest, truly is history….

When I had the wakeup on 11/7/17…. an remembered my own death… I sought out mental health and what a waste of time and effort… I’m suppose to get someplace once or twice a month for 30 minutes???? I just shook my head on that nonsense…. no wonder religion has such a strong mental health hold on humans…. the mental health system is part of the mass hysteria or they would have taken out Trump…. sorry I digress again….

When I got my memory back of my dying…. it’s been a journey… going on 3 years and it’s been rough, with lots of ups and downs…. more up than down now….

Sleep is good, when the body allows… it does have many issues that it lives with because of christians beating on a child… but hey their god will forgive them… so why is it closing it’s church’s and canceling services… this is the know all to end all god???? Not much of a god, if it can’t handle a simple earth virus, now is it???? So much for god… biggest cash cow on the planet… sorry I digress again… guess it will have to use a porcelain toilet like the rest of us, instead of a gold throne…..

The anger and frustration has gone, where I knew it would… I was almost there, before El Paso VA nearly killed me… and covered it up… again I shook my head in bewilderment and remember… look at Trumps blatant corruption… VA is no different….

Can you get where I am after so many brain injuries… you can, but it’s about every choice you make and owning each and every choice…. and if the choice is outside the confines of society…. you know the direction to go…

It comes down to chosing your recovery path…. Red pill for reality and owning every fuck up and screw up and blow up….. or Blue pill and you live the life Trump is living…. a lie…..

Making myself be honest and true about this journey, helped to make the transition back to who I truly am….

Is it over… for me??? No… My injuries go back to my toddler years with shaken baby syndrome…. The MRI backs that up…. an I was born with this ability and awareness… though christians did all they could to squash it… or me… just depends on how you view me….

Watching the world go into another meltdown and those who are in denial… this is going to get ugly… and our kids are not prepared…. they chose to learn nothing from me or life and that is their right…..

Everyone who makes bad choices… tells us, those are the ones, we keep a distance, because their pride or lack their of did them in….

I’ve already faced death… right now… I just don’t want to get sick…. so I leave the praying for the mentally ill and I bought what I would need for hurricane season a couple months early…. and we are watching the store shelves empty……

Again I digress, so much on my mind….

The hope of recovery is dependent upon your honesty with your self… and how much faith are you willing to put into your self or waste energy on a man made god….

I chose me over man’s god and control…. sure makes our household interesting….

Sgt. USAF DAV I remember… Margie….

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