Always Tomorrow…

Is there always tomorrow???

Trump is about to speak, and I left the room… he and his administration will kill thousands before this is over….

We have been adjusting our schedule to preclude being around people…

Hawaii is sewing up the sidewalks… and again, I think the mild form of the virsu has been here for a while and until they can disprove that… I’m sticking to it… Hubby had the symptoms and I followed my learning…. and even if we had gone to the ER, they wouldn’t have been able to do squat in January…. you got to remember… we are a gateway for China, so we have tourist year round… Exposure was easy and I heard many complaints about the same kind of symptoms as hubby… but no one got seriously ill that has been made public… so always that question….

We got sick during the H1N1 and I got sick on Japan during that pandemic that caused so much chaos and I have little memory of it… I was that sick…

We are old, but the science is saying this is affecting people at all ages and until more numbers come in, it’s all speculation based on previous virus’s….

We had several requests for a visit to our island and I think they are finding out, getting on a plane, probably not a good idea any time soon… haven’t heard back about any firmed up travel plans and doubt I will…………

One thing about this Covid-19, it gets you in your sleep, the science says you breath in or get into your lungs the drainage that your body is creating, in fighting the virus… same thing that hubby dealt with… I hit that with immediate Nettles tea, had Mucinex in the house and cough decongestant’s as well as NSAID or Aspirin… and I kept treating hubby until the fever was gone and the congestion dried up….

Only honest advice I can give, that I know is basically the same as the doctors… the tea, is natural and babies can drink it, it will help hydrate them… do your homework before doing anything I mentioned….

Good luck and may the force be with you…. what ever form that may be….

I remember… Margie…

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