When the Sky Falls out of control….

So far on Hawaii, we don’t have community spread… doesn’t mean it’s not here, just like every place, testing is just gearing up, and it’s available island wide, testing that is…

I still think what hubby had in January was the mild form of Covid19, but won’t know, ever, because the test needs to be done within a few weeks of illness for it to show up in blood work… at least that is the science I have read so far, that could change as this pandemic evolves… and it likely will… but hubby’s symptoms…. don’t match any of the other issues going around and he is vacinated for flu and phneumonia… so, I’m hoping we have already been exposed… but if not, I’m ready for that too…

Watching Trump make no sense, except to make excuses and more lies… told me, our nation is so screwed and after hearing what went on with the evacuee’s and their care… training is sorely lacking and I’m so glad, I continued mine for the last several decades…. we are ready….

As for writing… other than asking where is man’s god and why isn’t god doing what gods do??? and the answer is obvious… for god to do anything, it has to exsist…… and that is psychology 101….. but my words won’t change their opinions… mental illness needs treatment and those in power, don’t want you to get treatment… think about that and look where it got you…. i.e. Trumps failure as a god and leader….

I have lots to write about, all the psychology I lived through and how to survive what I’ve lived through…. I just don’t have a desire to share at this moment….

I’m waiting for man’s god……..

I remember… Margie a survivor of man’s god….

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