1st Wedding in America and 1st Birth…. direct descendant….

Brief note on what I have really been working on…. Ancestry….

If you figure this puzzle out, you will know who I truly am….

According to the ancestry, and I’ve been working on it since before Don died, so at least 16 years… and recently I found out I am directly related to the person who was the 1st of many historical facts in America…

She and her hubby… were the first to marry in Virginia… ever that was called American or considered American…. and they were also the first to have a child born on American soil… without popping into the ancestry program, this was the early 1600’s… pretty sure on that…

Another interesting thing about my ancestry… I’ve traced it back as far as 860 AD….. or this current era, is that right???… how they measure years, now that they disproved the bible, gets even me confused, but calendars always have done that to me….

I also found we are related to Zacharay Taylor, Robert E. Lee, George Washington and oh my is there ever so much more…. and at once I feel what the native Americans feels as they watch the land be destroyed by white man’s religion…..

My hubby is native American and he gets my passion about our nation and it’s destruction at the hands of the religious, who are the most corrupt and vile of the planet…. or Mary’s rape would have never happened….

It’s sad what is happening… and I have hope the Covid-19 is gentle, but I’ve lived thru and experienced first hand a pandemic… so I know the ugly yet to come and the American people haven’t got a clue….

Sorry I digress…. From the 1st to marry on American soil and give birth… to presidents, to frontiersmen like cousin Davey Crockett….. or to the Earps, Taylors or Lees….

I wonder what my granpas, granmas and cousins would think of America now????

I know my heart bleeds for it’s demise at the hands of the religious corruption that has infested the planet since the Roman empire started it’s man made religion… I know, my granparents are smack dab in the middle of making this mess….

Sgt. USAF DAV I remember…. do a DNA test, you’ll find, you have more in common with someone of different skin color than you think, if you think…………..

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