TBI, Seizures, Neuropathy, IBS, Adhesions, Stroke… how do you cope??? edited

Journey of multiple roads and all come back to one thing…. Christians beating upon a child and America is okay with that….

Still thinking of Fareed’s intervied of Hillary… yep one of my heros…

Memories are coming back in no rhyme or reason or order… they just happen and I’m to the point now, I see the memory, acknowledge it and file it away… once in a while I take a little more time with the memory if it’s health related… i.e. the following…

The IBS…. if memory is right, I was told I had it in the military, but no one did a colonoscopy, which is the only way to diagnoise.. regardless, the symptoms were there, long before I got to Yokota AFB and had emergency surgery by Dr. Blake at the Air Force hospital….

But those symptoms had me boggled… I confused them with a problem I don’t have, yet or maybe I do and just don’t have the official word… Pancreatitis…. I had a bunch of gall stones and now they are gone, supposedly, after an event in Las Cruces before we moved to Hawaii and I ended up in the ER… honestly, I would rather do child birth than pass those stones again…. but the body purge… that happened within the last year….

As I get more of the chaos, the floating and missing memory fixed… the more I remember all the issues I have lived with since I was active duty military….. and again it all goes back to a child being beaten and hit upon up to the age of 17…. my proof, is my body… the walking evidence and a few thousand pages of my medical records for the last 45 years….

It’s all getting sorted out and I’m learning to tell, what is causing issues and learning to avoid those things that make living less enjoyable… coffee is on my kill list, sadly, unless I can figure something out…. but…

Diet has been evolving for 20 years… alcohol is a thing of the past, as are cigarettes….. Exercise is part of the routine, good diet is part of the routine and getting off my flat ass is part of the routine…

Now will someone give me a routine for fixing this fucked up brain!!!!

I’m reading more psychology again… more neurology…. more medicine in general…. which is why I think we had the Covid back in January… only time will tell on that front….

But regardless…. I’m identifying the injuries put on me by christians and separating them from injuries I caused myself…. the ones I caused myself, I can count on 1 hand… the injuries from abuse and rape…. take all fingers and toes… plus some….

The journey is far from over…….

I do keep hoping for positive memories to come forward…. as with the entrapment of my oldest by my mother… I too, have to work my way out of the maze of traps she set and that light at the end of that maze has been in my possession for a while now…. but the light eludes me, contradiction of terms…..

It’s frustrating as a brain injury person… how do I get from point A to B, with so little help????

I’ve explored the issue of silent strokes and it is sounding more and more like that is not the culprit…. and I’m back to looking at some kind of seizure event or something I’m just not familiar with by name…. it’s so frustrating, when the living are silent as I struggle to get this done…. and my sister thought we were close…. not on this planet…. I would never hurt anyone, the way these christians are hell bent on hurting me and there in lies the problem…..

That is exactly what Trump and his corrupt christians are doing to America…. and women wonder why they can’t get ahead…..

Man made gods…. you buy into it and you sold your soul for what never was… but the men are happy….

Sgt. USAF DAV I remember…. Margie….

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