Easy Bake Oven…. waiting for the rapture so earth can breathe again…

That analogy has been used more for womens vaginal area more than for any toy…

My analogy, planet earth…

Got up this AM an decided to read about religion in America???

What shocked me, the propaganda that says over 70% of Americans are christian??? Not sure who they surveyed, but they weren’t human….

Reality, religion is a cover for the corrupt of heart, mind an soul an Trump an his gang are the rapist of the 21st century…

Christians have to have a cover, so they can steal what is not theres, be it a childs innocence or a nation…

Christians are destroyers, not healers….

That being said…why are all the churches closing those doors during this Covid19 epidemic????

Isn’t it christians stand that god is know all to do all to end all??? If so, why aren’t you doing what you do best???

Fake it so you get whats not yours???

When you can produce your god, only at that moment in time will I consider gods existence, until you do…you are just another thug an crook…

Sgt USAF DAV waiting for the christians rapture, so earth will become great again…

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