CNN story about Vet….

Did you see the story or read it on CNN about the Vet exposed to the burn pits an has stage 4 colon cancer and the VA missed all the signs???

What happened to him, happened to me, but in a different scenario….

I asked to be referred for care to a civilian surgeon, about a month before my discharge and was denied… I even have the commanders letter denying me that health care as a active duty member…

1 year later, I was having emergency surgery at Yokota AFB for bowel strangulation… the small bowel in the lower right quadrant was being strangled by adhesions…. if left untreated, I would have died…. this was April 1984… exactly 1 year after the Air Force pushed me out, to cover up the rape and attempted murder of my son on a federal installation… called….

Vance AFB, Enid, Oklahoma…

So I am truly sorry for this young man… who’s life is really just starting… and he won’t likely see his children grow up or his gran kids….

I did and am getting to do that, for one reason only…..

Me…. I listened to me and I listened to my body…..

The reason I had a strangled bowel, was because of the continous beatings as a child… I had so much internal damage… the scar tissue took over and it’s spreading inside me now and slowly killing my organs…..

I caught my health issues, because the Air Force and the U. S. Government are not in it for health of mind or body… no it’s all about….

Men in power protecting men in power…. just look at the suedo christian called Sen Jordan or Pres. Trump or VP Pence…..

Men in power protecting themselves and selling America and it’s people to the highest bidder…..

Ever wonder why priest are so successful at rape??? or how did the mormon church squirrel away billions from it’s church’s so some could live lavishly??? or how did the preacher convince you a man written bible that says Mary was visited by an angel??? when conception by humans, takes humans… so why do the preachers preach rape is okay????

Sgt. USAF DAV A woman who said no…..

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