The Great Equalizer…..

Not a god that men made up… Nope, wasn’t that way during the “Plague” either….

The great equalizer this time, a little tiny bug called Covid-19….Trump calls it an inconvenient problem???

Don’t you find it remarkable a christian or at least a human hiding behind the label of christian, tells you, your sickness is an inconvenience to him???

Isn’t it nice to know that christians drove our nation into the pit of man made hell an now they are wondering who’s going to wipe those pasty white ass’s, now that they are sick an blocked the people at the border that would have willingly wiped those white Ass’s….

Listen up yahoos… My medical training will never be used to help you….but it sure as hell will enjoy the show you perpetuate….

Sgt USAF DAV I Remember Margie, survivor of christians worse behavior, rape, murder an theft…

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