The Spin doctor is in the house…

Long story short…. when liars cannot tell the truth… you just have to close the door on that chapter of listening to the pied piper….

Are you ready to listen to the voice of reason and true knowledge or is what the spin doctor in the white house is selling your cup of tea???

Much like a preacher, priest, minister, rabbi or what ever religious label you use….

The lies eventually catch up with them….

Mary was raped…. True story…. Angels are not magic or mysitcal, they are men with dicks and balls…. Mary was RAPED!!! and a Apple is not an Orange….

You choose….

Red pill for reality and truth…..

Blue pill for Trumps world and you take your chances with that genius….

Me… we chose the red pill….

What ever virus that is on the island, it hasn’t tested out to be Covid-19… so I guess we have the normal flu and noro virus… which is year round…

Back to my sniffles….

I remember…..

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