Success…. I found them….

After we packed all our crap last summer, I had no clue what I did with the MRI/MRA results and DVD of the scans…. today… I found them and a couple other things the neurologist will want when I see him in a month…. yea!!!!

Working towards getting the last of the medical questions and hoping like hell, he doesn’t want to do neurological psychological testing…. I’m so over that test… been there done than and after 6 times… enough… PTSD…

The physical side, I’m keeping at the exercises and helping to keep my neck from slipping out of place again… honest, hubby heard it go back in place and the TV was booming… so not a comfortable sound or feeling… but the exercises are working….

As for the dental… it’s one day at a time and try real hard not to get depressed…

It’s not easy… but if life ever became easy, I got a feeling I would be bored out of my mind….

I remember…..

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