Hear, See & Speak No Evil… Eaney, Meaneny, Minney, Moe…. Trump, Sanders or Binden???

As I wrote that title, my stomach did a flip flop… never a good sign, when my instincts are telling me, what the hell were women thinking????

So my fellow Americans and those who insist on interfering with American politics… what’s your posison???

Trump??? The suedo christian from hell???

Sanders??? The dude who has decided divide is the way to go forward, not unite????

Binden??? The man who’s own tradgedies speak to many who have loved and lost… and my favorite…. Christian????

My options for president are down the toilet, because for some weird reason, women in America want to continue to be 3 paces behind the man….

Not in our house…

We walk side by side… but we aren’t Christian….

So who do I get to vote for???

A man who has no heart, no values, no ethics, no morales and most of all on the Russian payroll???

or… A man, who comes across as the best thing since sliced bread, but get him rattled like he is now, and his true colors come out and nails exposed???

or… A man, who practices what he preaches, makes mistakes and inappropriate humanity???? ya know… hugs alot…

On Hawaii, we vote and we were here for the last presidential election… I’m curious how my fellow Hawiians will vote….

An lastly, I wonder when decency, honesty, integrity, respect for each and every human on the planet comes back into our democracy… and most of all, when does the U. S. government admit they censor every day citizens….

Your vote is your voice… let it be heard for the choice you think, will make America good once again….

Sgt. USAF DAV I Remember… Margie a survivor of christians in America….

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