No One escapes “the Dark Man”….

Watching the news an looking at the facts from the past few months and the fact the chinese doc died months ago….

Covid19 has been around for at least 9 months…. an living at a gateway for those travelers…. I wonder if it explains the upper respiratory illness that was going around that had no name???

Did we freak out, nope…. Instead we waited an when it did come out…we shopped an bought early for hurricane season… only because…. of exactly whats happening now an shelves are empty….

Hysteria happens or you wouldn’t have religion…an that business thrives on these moments in history….

The items we did NOT buy… hand sanitizers…..

We bought our usual weather supplies, an just got ready because the religious are doing what I expected…. doing anything but getting ready for the rapture….

I remember….

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