Zero trust for U.S. authorities….

Well thank you Trump, GOP an evangelicals……

If it wasn’t for Hazmat military training, I would have been worried in Jan, when we heard of Covid19…

All the U.S. government has done is show me, if you are rich an part of that cult, you will get care….

You religious, paranoid, frigid religious peeps….. Covid19 can’t be bullied or threatened like you do the American people…It cares not for the 1st or 2nd amendments….

So, if this virus does what it wants…it is no different than the corrupt christians an muslims dismantling our democracy….

The world as we know it could be no more an just maybe the religious will jump on board for the Covid19 rapture….an the rest of us can live in peace…

Hope springs eternal, but for me, Covid19 may be the great equalizer….. an payback…..


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