Phatom Pain, Can you Relate??? edited

Haven’t been interested in writing for a while… Censorship is such old school and really, if I wanted to be more out there, I can always use other platforms… but I have ethics and I don’t believe in gods, so why would I use platforms that are being used for indoctrination into religions??? Face book, Instagram, Twitter and google are all christian platforms…. and just a FYI, I use google…. don’t like microsoft platforms… but I wrote too, a change was in the air… and so it is….

Now about the phatom pain…..

I have no missing limbs, just several important organs are no longer in me and over the last few months thanks to the VA, I am now missing 9 teeth….

So how could I have phatom pain??? Easy…. Nerve damage….

We know after the Feb 2018 nerve induction tests… I have no response… she had the machine turned up full and hubby watched in amazement and got nada out of my legs or arms… the damage is that bad and it has been like that since the beating at 5 years old… the beating I call, “TV Interview”…. each violent act by christians, has similar memories attached to the violence against a child….

I wrote that in the military, which was in my early 20’s… I had a problem holding on to the instruments we used in the dental clinic… got wrote up about it… it’s in the blog and I have the write up…

So the signs were there long before I became an adult or went active duty… the nerve damage was there and yet, how did I function??? Do Basic Training, serve the nation, be a mom and live life??? Yet so many can’t get off their ass, because of bone spurs…. so how did this woman, do more than most men???

Easy, you don’t know limitations if you aren’t told you have them…

I didn’t remember my childhood, until just before the surgery at El Paso VA in 2011 and had a stroke on their operating table and they covered it up… that stroke, set me back on remembering all the injuries I sustained at the hands of christians… I don’t call them parents, because they sold their souls to get into Trumps man made heaven, along with his evangelicals… just so they could hide their crimes in bodies like mine…

Do you realize, technically, I’ve been disabled my whole life, because of christians beating on a child… just wow on humans hiding in plane sight…. well, look at Trump…

Oh, yea… the phatom pain… well I have experienced that sensation since they took the teeth out of my palete on Okinawa when I was 17…. and the teeth they took out this past fall… are letting me know, my trigmenial nerve is definitely part of the peripheral neuropathy the neurologist told me I had in Feb 2018…..

All this means, when I see the surgeon for these dental implants, he’s got a patient that already has all the issues that 1% of dental implant patients exhibt…. oh joy…..

I see neurology, before I see the surgeon…. so hopefully the neurologist will tell me that the stenosis is worse than what the radiologist thinks, because of the neurological tests done in 2018, contradict the radiologist….. again, oh joy….

If I go forward with the implants, I will likely experience pain, as if the implants are actually my real teeth…. and there won’t be a damn thing anyone can do…. I took 600mg of NSAID and that made it subside and that is a drug that is life long, because of the nerve damage….. I had pain in the area of extractions, but in the maxilla….

All these years of trying to get answers and all I had to do….. step away from Veteran health care…….

Hawaii, not my most favorite place to live… but it has given me the most…..

It gave me back my life…..

I hope all of you prepare for the Covid19…. what little I remember about that flu on Japan in 86, it was awful and I was down for 2 full weeks… I remember bowling that near perfect 298 scratch and that’s all I remember… we got home and I was out of it and my neighbor checked on me, till I came out of it while my ex went to work… Yokota AFB 1986… bad year for that flu… we also lived thru the H1N1 in New Mexico in 2008/9…. we never got it… we got our flu shots….

Stay safe, regardless of your beliefs or affiliations… all life is precious….we just disagree with how much say you have on mine….

Sgt. USAF DAV I Remember… Margie….

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