Are you ready??? Covid19

Since none of the kids or family has reached out for advice, we are going to assume they are doing what is necessary for what is to come….

The flu on Japan was the 1985/86 flu that hit Japan and Taiwan…. people died and it spread fast and it was one nasty flu… I know, I had it…

That was the time I wasn’t doing flu shots, and since I lost time (memory), I probably had another silent stroke…

In 2008, we moved to New Mexico and owned a couple houses and the H1N1 hits us in that area… that was the real bad flu pandemic, the last one America faced and we had a responsible president and functioning government at that time….

Fast forward to 2020 and Trump has torn our agencies apart and made them non-effective and now we are faced with a flu, that you can get more than once… remember I wrote several weeks ago or days, who knows… about the virus mutating… looks like it did already….

We don’t miss our flu shots and we got our phneumonia shots and anything else that will protect us old folks….

The only thing we can’t get???

A shot to protect us from YOU………

Flu shot won’t stop the Covid19 virus, but it will protect you from the flu, which has killed thousands already in America….

Just like you using common sense and voting in America… so too should the flu shot and preparation for the Covid19….

Ever see the chaos from a nonfunctioning government durings a crisis???

I have… that is why several weeks ago, I stocked my pantry, checked our medical supplies, made sure I had protection and the dogs…. still dislike everyone….

So yea, we are ready…..

Are You???

Face masks are great, but only for the sick… they do no good for the healthy and if you have a beard, they are useless….

I am looking at this, as if the rapture or what ever it is the religious believe in for the coming of their gods…. space ships are out there waiting to take them…. let it begin and good luck, with the Covid19 virus or should it be, get prepared for 4 more years of Trump….

Neither one, a pleasant thought….

Sgt. USAF DAV I Remember… Margie…

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