As the World Churns, Repressed Memories Stroll in…

Listening to the Myna’s outside my window… those are the funniest birds… I do enjoy what little nature we have here….

I still haven’t dug into my medical records… all I’ve done is take that Adobe PDF program and organize them as best I could, without reading to much of anything in the records… it’s a test… and only a test… you do not need to adjust your TV sets… all will be right in a moment…. loved that show…. lol

Every morning I wake up and something I forgot comes strolling in to my waking mind… mostly I’m talking health records and health care since I was in the military in 77…. an this morning was no different…

Something I used to do on a regular basis, was stretch backwards from a standing position like you are doing a back bend, which I used to do up till I was in my 40’s…. now if I do the back bend… I better have cushion’s underneath me and this morning I did the backwards stretch and fell backwards into the recliner, because I was blacking out and the memory hit…. Eureka!!!!

The reason I should never have a spinal tap was discovered in the military, back in 78…. I already was showing signs of arthritis in my spine and throughout my body, but the blood work kept saying no, I didn’t have it…. but I did, but it was not because of health, it was because of the beatings in the military christian home….

When I bent backwards this morning, I remembered…. he told me at some time I would have slipped discs in my spine and that a spinal tap would cause me harm, not good….. and to this day, I have never let anyone do a spinal tap for any reason… no needles have touched my spine….

Ever since the stroke in El Paso…. I’ve tried to figure out what the hell was wrong with me and my posture was going to crap and I was getting no place with the VA…. and the rest is history… because I figured it out and pushed for answers here on Hawaii….

This tells me, the other exercises I need to add to the list PT gave me… because those exercises are important for the disc in my spine… and it tells me, I should get my back and knee’s MRI’s done…. the knee is an injury from the TV interview beating at 5 years old… and the spine is from all the beatings in that household…

I sit here and shake my head… and I still went on to have 2 kids, go in the military 2 months after the birth of my last child… serve for 5 1/2 years and should have been medically discharged…

It all goes back to men in power protecting men in power… just like what Trump and his communist party is doing….. and the fragility of democracy is wavering….

Saturday will tell us what direction the nation is leaning and super Tuesday should be an eye opener….

Democracy up for sale to the highest religious mentally ill bidder…..

I have hope that people turn out and vote… because the religious are only about 30% of the American population….. if we let them have the ruling say….

America will never get her democracy back an women will become the slaves of modern times and those shows about women being nothing more than baby factories… that is what christians and muslims will turn America into….

You can’t fix stupid and stupid has to want to fix it’s self and honestly….

Do you really see that happening????

Moat, garlic farm, 20 foot walls…. hmmmm sounds like a movie that guy did about the people living behind a wall…..

Sgt. USAF DAV I remember…. Margie….

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