Veterans Administration, trying to win Veterans trust??? Are you for real??? edited

The other night on the news the ticker tape read, “VA trying to win the trust of Veterans on Hawaii”….. hubby and I busted up laughing when we saw that… why??? Have you read this blog???

The Va will never have my trust again and heres a quick run down why….

In 2008 I saw Dr. Twiss at Tuscon VA for bladder surgery, did my research and knew for our demographics, he was the best choice for the bladder surgery I needed…

So in the fall of 2008, he implanted a transmesh… you know the one that got recalled and thousands of law suits… yep that product…

Well my transmesh snapped within 48 hours of surgery and Dr. Twiss contacted scheduling to get me in right away to remove the transmesh… well the federal employees in scheduling decided I needed to wait 12 full months before they could get me in for the removal… that choice by a federal employee, just like Trump, cost me $50,000 in my recent settlement, of which I still have not seen a dime from Wagstaff out of Kansas… go figure on the government sitting on my money…. anyhow…

That was my first introduction into the full blown coruption in the VA system….

Sometime between 2008 and 2011… the El Paso VA determined I had issues with my neck, but no MRI, just specualtion… and the subsequent health issues arose…

Because of the transmesh debacle, I needed a rectocell procedure… but because I have a herniated disc in the C5-6 left area… no amount of physical therapy would do me any good, which they wanted me to do before they fixed the rectocell, because I had no control… the herniated disc was in control of my nerves… and the VA at El Paso VA wrote nasty things in my records…. fyi that surgery was done at Queens Feb 14, 2018, 9 years after transmesh removal…. by Dr Yee….Best surgeon an civilian hospital ever… thank you Sen Shatz for hearing me….

Nov 2011 I had my leg operated on and had a stroke on the operating table at the El Paso VA… and….

I have been fighting ever since to find out what happened to me and my memories…..

So for me to have trust in the VA… they would have to be disbanded and no longer in charge of veteran health care… because my experience….

VA is total death care…..

Sgt. USAF DAV and I never want to wake up again because of Mr. Rogers neigborhood song in my brain…. ever again… never saw the show… but damn, if that commercial didn’t get stuck in rerun in my dreams…. 3AM came to early…. Hope you have a great day in your neighborhood….

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