Howdy, Dudie? Time… I Remember…..

Should Dudie, be doodie???

Sometimes the brain injuries, impact my spelling and grammar… but I try hard to stay within some kind of structure, but not very successful….

Last night was an unwelcomed host of memories… and when I rolled out of bed, I thought, okay, this is going to be a crappy day, because my mood is south and definitely not north….

After coffee, watching the news an cluster fuck in DC…. I finally told hubby what I remembered about last night…. and when it’s in detail… it’s a memory, not a dream….

The “Bay of Pigs” was going down, Don (dad) was on remote assignement and the “The Boob” incident happened with my 6 year old sister…. my next memory picked up in 4th grade, repeating 4th grade… I don’t remember the 1st time at 4th grade… yep, I died and at the hands of mommy dearest Freda…. that is where the damage came from inside my throat, that they scoped years ago and told me… she strangled me and left the bruise marks on my neck for that school picture… way to go dumb ass……

Anyhow, I remember…. It’s weird how this works… my heart is racing just a tad, and I feel more tired than angry…. guess that is progress on repressed memories….

The agnst of all the health I’m dealing with because of the negligent VA… oh brother, am I glad I have this IQ and ability to understand medicine or I would be going to see the doctor….. I’m dealing with the issues, because there really isn’t anything they can do, but stick things down my throat or other places…. I’ll pass… I know it’s the adhesions and as long as the bowel works, I’m good… I know the drill, went thru it in the military and they nearly killed me, a year after discharge, emergency surgery at Yokota AFB…. another…. men in power protecting men in power…. much like what Trump has exposed, that I have bitched about, since my military time… 77 till now…

So, I welome the memories back into my little active grey cells and hope tonight, I’ll get some sleep… because the one memory I want to see….

The 2nd and last time I died…..

Sgt. USAF DAV I Remember… Margie and no, there is no family, heaven, hell or flowers when you die… just complete and total darkness… been there and done that twice at the hands of christians… now they are doing it to our nation….

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