Democracy, not Trumpism….

Not a clue what the debates give anyone!…..

I plan to vote based on genuine, honest an above all civil behavior….

I have no interest in labels like republicans, democrats, independents or socialists……

I have interest in evangelicals hiding in that closet they own an trying to drag the rest of America into that corrupt twisted closet called christianity…..

As a survivor of multiple rapes by christians…. being beat to death by christians, all before the age of 17…. My vote is not for the likes of those humans who hide behind labels, so they can say…. the rape of Mary was okay, because of the god they made up…..children are not fodder for a man made god…

but, not according to christians….its gods will….was that god man or woman???

I want a leader, who does not bow down to the fears of christians or any other religious dogma…. I want a leader who fights for humanity…….

Sgt USAF DAV I remember Margie, a survivor of rape an murder by christians….

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