What’s Up??? other than the sky is falling per Trump….

PTSD…. when you live with it for decades, you miss it when it packs up and goes away… does it mean I’m cured??? Oh hell no… I still have suppressed memories and until those are out in the open… I’ll always have some hang up… just not as dramatic as Trumps theatrics….

Reason for the write… dreams…. I told hubby, when we got married over 25 years ago, I have never not dreamed and 9 times out of 10 the dreams are always the same, no deviation or change….

not any more……

They have changed, as with any closed head traumatic brain injury, symptoms can appear years, even decades later… mine is no different, except you can class me with sports injuries, because of the concussions that happend in house, by the sister and mother and after Texas… the father….

Now when I get dizzy and light headed, it’s not the after affect of all those head injuries… nope, it’s the herniated C5-6 that happened on Japan after the near death in Texas… I know this, because I’m EXERCISING…. not shouting… just yelling the word of the action I so dislike….

I still have a long way to go… I still have some anger to work out and I still have some past to reconcile… as for the last 35 years…. I still have a couple gaps in memory, but it has to do with marriage or health care, so the stroke was selective on what memories it smothered with blood on the brain….

Neuro says I should get my memories back and so far, he has been right… I see him again in April and hope to get some answers and find out if I need testing for stenosis in my vessels….. would explain why getting a vein is so hard, even for the best sticker… now I don’t feel the needle when they move it around in my arm to draw blood, trying to hit the vein…

I feel a little caged… because I know I need the implants and after this morning and the denture hitting that bone the Arkansas VA implanted… I got no choice, I nearly hit the floor, when I touched the bone…. oh yea….!~

I have no complaints… Trump and his fuck ups isn’t going to impact me or hubby… we are old enough, that we are grandfathered in for my benefits… I feel for those younger than us… history is repeating it’s self… and if you know history, you know benfits have been taken from veterans before….

I have no thoughts on christians or Trump… watching those in Nevada vote, said it all… people want change, and Trumps coins aren’t doing the trick…

I have faith in Americans…….

Sgt. USAF DAV I remember… Margie…

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