Warm & Fuzzy, is a Head Fake…

They started out with telling us, that a child raped by an angel was okay and they have kept that story going through the ages… so much so, that when rape happens in the church, all to often… we are numbed to it… like we are with Trump and his bullying… it’s just part of life….???

What planet are you living on????

Affection or feelings are just emotions… and so hard for humans to control, they want to destroy life and control it… just look at China, N. Korea, Russia, and the list goes on and you can add America to that list… Why???

Because yahoos are telling women and LGBTQ people how we are suppose to live and behave according to their evangelical bull shit or white nationalist bull shit… you pick… I’m over it….

Nothing to write about, because, I’m just watching history repeat it’s self and this time… this moment in time… I’m taking advantage of what is to come…

Working on the house and property and hubby tried his new toy on the granite… it came out awesome… once done, it will look like the pro’s… and better than when we bought the house….

I’m doing a lot of ancestry… trying to clean up the errors, so what is uploaded to the world web tree, is as accurate as I know… still got lots to go through… massive family and massive tree….

I got a kick out of an interview on KITV4 with a doctor at Trippler… my suggestion, never interview her again… she made it sound like our “pre-conceived ideas about crappy care is not warranted”!!!! bite my ass lady, but I can prove our ideas are based on facts… so over lying federal employees… just look at Trump and his swamp…..

Health complaints, the list is endless… we shuffle around and do… we live… it just hurts to do said living… oh well….

Beautiful day for presidents day… confirmed George Washington is a cousin, VP Morton was a great granpa some time back…. and Taylor is in the mix some how as is Lee…. what a rich family history to explore….. and why do I do it???

Always trying to understand how a people can turn out to be such ugly christian human beings and beat a child to death, because she told the truth….

As I always say… knowledge is power…. if you aren’t afraid of the truth…..

Sgt. USAF DAV I Remember… Margie…

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