Space Basement in the Making….

Hubby shared my last blog post on twitter… I gots a feeling we ain’t in Kansas anymore Toto…. because people think the sky is falling… his post got that many hits in a matter of minutes, thousands….

On Japan back in the 80’s, I think around 85 or 86, we got hit with a nasty flu that was killing people… for some reason, I think the Avian flu had a connection…

Well I got that flu and the hospitals were full and they told people on the base, shelter in place… pretty much like they are doing now…. that was one long and very nasty flu… I never missed flu shots after that….

Back in 2011, when the H1N1 hit our area… as we were living on the Mexico border in New Mexico… which is why we know a wall is a waste of tax payer money, but, hey, those same evangelicals… are going to get the….. FLU….. boo…

Anyhow, we both ended up sick and we got our phneumonia shots, even though we were under 60 years old…. again, we don’t miss our flu shots…

Now everyone is freaking over this Covid19 virus…. and me, personally, I’m waiting to hear if the virus has mutated and which way did the mutation go…. I’m not worried about the virus… I’m worried about the virus changing….

I, like many who served in the military, am a prepper… and one subject we have been pursuing, a property with a basement, that can house, all we need, if necessary and we were talking about that when doing our mile… and I said….

I want a “Space Basement”, so that when these evangelical yahoos and N. Korea & Putin, end up pushing the button, because we won’t live the way they want…. I want a Space Basement…. so we gots a home in space…..

And we both busted up laughing…..

I was on Okinawa & Japan, during the Vietnam war and got exposed to things a child or young adult should not be exposed to… but that is what war does… it shows you the ugly side of life….

No different with this virus… people shunning asians and being vulgar and mental…. just shows that those who profess to believe in gods and superstions…. will cut your throat, to keep from meeting that god or superstition…..

Any opportunity to contain the virus went out the door, when the doctor was silenced in China… that is what controling all life does… leaves the decisions up to the ones who believe in gods and superstions or they pretend to believe, so they can control you….

It’s all about you can’t fix stupid, when you dumb the brain down with lies, gods and superstitions…. stupid has to want to fix it’s self and frankly, I don’t see that ever happening….. besides, we wouldn’t have anything to laugh about if they did fix it…. stupid that is….

Wash your hands, cover your mouth when you cough, wash your grocery bags and disinfect your vehicles with lysol, each time you go out among the population, do the same at home…. and be prepared to shelter in place for up to a month if this gets out of hand… and with leaders doing for themselves and not the people… expect this to get out of hand….

If our government was being run efficiently, I wouldn’t be concerned about it getting out of hand… this is the biggest cluster fuck in DC since the Civil war was fought over human ownership… both beyond stupid….it could very well be very deadly…. because evangelicals want to control women’s human rights in America…. yep, this should be an interesting year….

Sgt. USAF DAV I remember…. Margie….

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