Was that You???

Was what hubby asked yesterday, when he heard a loud cracking sound, like something broke, ya know, like a bone breaking in half….

I turned, stunned and looked at him and said, you heard that???

It’s a sound all too familiar to me… I’ve heard it since Japan, circa 1968, when I pissed off mommy an sister dearest and the man beat upon a 100 pound 14 yr old female… the same one he killed a year earlier… he attempted to do it again and almost succeeded….

When Don grabbed me, so he could beat me, for saying words that were true… they didn’t expect me to herniate C5 & 6… nope, they thought, beat her into submission, so she does what we want… instead…. they caused a stroke and injured my neck….

And that cracking sound hubby heard yesterday, was a reminder of that beating on Japan over 50 years ago….

That sound has been with me, ever since… and it happens when I get the neck in the right position….and the disc pops back into place… if they did a MRI right now… that’s what they would find… the disc back in place….

Now, you go through basic training with that disc out of place… it’s what caused me to nearly fail the final at the obastale course…. American Ninja could have taken lessons back in the day….

Regardless, I was shocked that my hubby heard it happen, when the disc went back into place… now if I can just keep it there….

The exercises to strengthen the neck is what is helping…. the back exercises are taking stress off the neck and I’m hoping, that the strength on my left side starts to improve, now that the discs are off the nerve in my spine….

It can slip out just as easy as it slipped back into place yesterday… it’s all about, not doing lots of things that can cause it to slip out….. It also took pressure off the mandible, max and lower…. so, yea, it’s feeling good right now….

But like I said… it can slip out again, at any time and one of these days it will be deadly…. I’ve known that since I was in the military….

I just simply lost those memories after the strokes in 86 and 2011…. VA and the Air Force both let me down…. now it’s up to me, to make sure, if a stroke happens again…

I have a way to get back home…..

Thinking of running to the other side of the island and talked ourselves out of it…. think we’ll stay home and watch the weather roll in….

Time to go get busy…..

Sgt. USAF DAV I remember… Margie…. hope you do too…

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