At this rate…

Well if the republicans pull this off, well done on corruption….

I was told that states that let you vote for who ever you want, are republicans flooding in too boost Sanders…. WHY???

If they promote Sanders as the nominee, which is not who the real Americans want, but the communist want in office… The republicans will succeed in getting Trump an christians in office for four more years….

Democracy is a illusion that is barely standing on its own two feet because christians keep chopping off the legs of democracy, just so they can tell this woman what she can or can’t do with HER OWN BODY!!!!

I died twice at the hands of christians…. there is no heaven or hell….

Just total an complete silence an darkness…. that is the reality of death…Not the bullshit lies christians an muslims spread…but hey if they died an tell ya different…. how do you know they died??? My MRI results are on this blog, I have my proof, wheres your gods proof????


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