Dear Sen Shatz…. this is not China…..edited

First off, thank you for getting the VA to do their job here in Hawaii…

The rectocel procedure was identified at El Paso VA back in 2011…. after the Transmesh screw up at Tuscon VA between two surgical procedures done 2008 & 2009….

So thank you for getting that surgery done in Feb 2018…..Queens was awesome an so was the surgeon….

In May 2018, I told dentist, lets request the implants, why??? Because the work Arkansas VA did in 2010 was criminal and needed replacing and the bridge I paid for was failing….. 6 teeth extracted from June 2019 to Oct 2019… all the work I paid for gone, because the VA failed to do their job….

That dental work was complained about from the beginning and I was ignored… until you heard me and I was sent by the Oahu VA to a doctor on the big island… 15 minutes with me and the man knew I was allergic to the material used to make dentures….. I have worn those dentures since the El Paso VA made them circa 2010/2011 and I complained of issues and was ignroed by the VA doctors….

Now I sit with dentures in my mouth that sting the minute they come in contact with my mouth…. thus the write today….

I asked for help in 2010 at the Arkansas VA an was ignored…. I asked for help at the El Paso VA an was ignored…. I asked for help at the Hilo VA and was ignored….

When do federal employees get held accountable????

And why am I sitting here, at home, no documentation or paperwork that tells me the VA is doing their job??? No documentation for travel and have recieved no documentation for any travel to Kona for the multiple extractions…. I paid for THAT TRAVEL out of my pocket!!!!

Why is a 90% service connected veteran paying for anything out of pocket???…

I gave up on the Tri-west and the VA last summer, when I needed cataract surgery… Instead I used my medicare and dished out of pocket over $1500!!! WHY???

If it isn’t obvious to you senator, but federal employees are not honest, they do not do their jobs and they treat veterans as numbers and not humans with dignity or respect…. but we aren’t suppose to say that because federal employees will take revenge…

Won’t they President Trump????

Sgt. USAF DAV still waiting on paper work from Oahu VA for travel for last year and for upcoming travel and authorizations and treatment plans!!!!

THIS IS NOT CHINA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! But someone is changing my phone number in a government database an its not me or hubby, called in prescription an number they quoted have no clue where it came from….. 575-642-6620….. never had this number an no clue who’s it is…. but 2nd time I corrected an this time hubby witnessed me correcting it on the government’s database…..

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