TBI… 100+ military and their journey is just beginning…. edited my Veteran story….

When you get a TBI, you know you got one…

I didn’t know… I had suspicions … and lots of clues, but not the knowledge to pursue those avenues and the Air Force and VA did more harm than good which begs the question??? Why???

It’s ironic, since I left Japan in 87, I’ve been fighting to find my way back…

After seeing over 50 doctors, specialist in all fields including mental health… all VA & military doctors and none of them got it right….

When the stroke happened at the El Paso VA Nov 2011, on their operating table, that set me back 30 years….. and my childhood, quickly became mixed up in the nightmare the VA created by not telling me what happened in the operating room, nor did they document it… but those two jerks who knocked me out, they know what happened and so do I…..

It changes everything for me… my perspective on my current marriage… my relationship or lack their of with my kids and how I stepped back from friendships that turned toxic….. yep, I catch myself talking out loud, answering the question in my current thoughts… and when I start arguing with myself…. I need a time out… just saying…

What the kids had happen to them because of Trumps stupidity, will affect them the rest of their lives… some in very minor ways, by not liking a certain food or music, that they used to like, some can be more drastic in other ways, by turning your BFF into your worse nightmare, because of your own thought process, which is caused by TBI…. I feel for these kids, their journey is just beginning….

Neurology will help them and most of all the patient has to figure out a way to cope with the changes that will happen… they will question, when no question should be asked… they will feel lost, anger, sorrow, and emptiness…. the brain will mess with them in ways, that the doctors don’t even get yet… but they are trying, the doctors at Walter Reed that is… they are making progress into the unknown… which is why I always tell neurology, you don’t always get it right…. I know….. I’ve lived with TBI my whole life….. add the silent strokes and my brain goes on more holidays than I have…. and that is a true story…

There is hope…. and I hope those young military members use the resources available to them… it won’t be easy and stumbles along the way are to be expected… but I know from experience, our brains are capable of rewiring and adapting to our injuries and to the damage done to the brain…..

Knowledge is power in this journey of recovery from brain injury… and never stopping asking questions, even if they seem off the cuff or out there… ask them…. They may not make sense at the time, but over time that question or questions evolve, if you chose to pursue it and trust in yourself… gods aren’t going to fix this, because if gods exsisted, you wouldn’t be injured right now…. the only one who can make this better….

You… trust in yourself, we all had to crawl in order to walk….

Sgt. USAF DAV I Remember… Margie….

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