Watching an waiting…edited

Ever read the Stand by Steven King…. you just might want too….christians are turning our world into a cesspool of corrupt raping religions that go bump in the night…Honest turn a light on an you will see the hazards humans put out to trap you, like man made gods….

It’s interesting watching the implosion of dictatorial china an the damage being done world wide by suppressing the truth…

Christians do not believe in truth…. Egypt has proven beyond a shadow of a doubt the Jews an Romans lied about Mary….

When you can say a woman conceived a child with out a mans sperm, you just made magic….an magic is no different than believing in gods…..neither are real an can be explained… but seriously, do you really believe the BS coming out of Trump an his sinners????or criminals, a misnomer is the word sinner…

Sgt USAF DAV Your voice, your vote…

How is that praying working for you as this virus picks up steam….???

Truth has no value to a dictator or a christian, look at Trump….or China…

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