Which way did they go???

Turn TV on and it’s like the Nixon tapes all over again… enough already… all the corruption has been by white pasty christian men and women who are so afraid of having sex, they got their twats and balls in a knot…. enough already….

What ever reason the sky is falling, will it have an impact on you and yours??? That is the question I ask…

I can’t save the world, I can’t even save my town… but I can take care of mine and really, that is what survival is about… unless you play god, like the white pasty assholes are doing…. an if so, well that’s just every asshole for themselves… and they will take, to protect that ass………

So far no virus on the island… if it stays that way for another 10 days, we are probably in the clear and the screening measures are working…

We got stationed at March AFB, when Yokota sent us back because of my health… not a bad place to be stuck for quarantine and I stayed at Travis… those people will get better care than those that are being murdered at the border…..

Calculating, learning and reading… exploring my options for these implants… got a feeling, I’m going to have more say than most patients, because of the damage to my face from being beaten by christians….

That may be a good thing, still freaked over this… Every day a challenge to eat, tolerate the burning and stinging that is nonstop from the allergy, the congestion and dry eyes, add in the headaches… yep, this is going to be a long process… as if 10 years isn’t long enough…. typical VA death care….

We are building our equity, so that we can have leverage when we sell… you too can do that, just add an extra $100 to your principal payment monthly… we do about 300 and it drops our mortgage balance about $9500 a year… so well worth it to build quick equity…. plus, it lowers my balance an makes it easier for me to buy a 2nd home, while I still own this one…. when the time is right….

Cold this morning… so cold, turned the heater on… tempted to put electric blanket on the bed…. sun is finally out and warming us up….

PTSD, Neuropathy, Stenosis… a full plate…. an it took threats to get test done and get my answers… that is not health care… and it is just getting worse… Trumps group has no respect for the military, that is very obvious he thinks freedom was gained by his evil and not by our blood……

Every day we wake up is a gift… one we don’t take lightly… hope you have a beautiful day, we are….

Sgt. USAF DAV I remember… Margie….

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