Anyone home??? edited

We started early this morning… so we could hit Kona and do some shopping before this storm hits… pretty cool to see Maui off in the distance sticking out of the clouds, forgot that volcano’s name….

Rude, no one knows, excuse me, please, pardon me or any other civil behavior… all of the world is fast becoming Trumpism on steroids….

Dig a moat… build a fence, bury land mines, grow lots of garlic, buy or build cross’s to put in upside down, make some scare crows and stick them with super long spikes… any other ideas???

My daughter will tell you, I make shopping as much as I hate it… but when I set my mind to it, it’s fun and I usually make people laugh… Today, I was lucky if they made eye contact, before charging with their carts of junk…. True story…. and we got there early… West side of the big island is the rudest side of the island….

We drove over the mountain and the stain is so ugly upon the land, tents and make shift structures on the bueatiful lava and fauna…. so sad and so beyond past most of our patience… and the cost will be long lasting… ignorance is bliss and yes I get their argument… it’s exactly like Trumps….

Last night we got blessed with a banger at 12:30 in the middle of the night… If I had a spot light or strobe, I would have ran out there to freak them into thinking it was the cops… it worked in New Mexico and our hood cleaned up… we were told, it went to shit after we moved… I bet Mars street is a raceway now…

I keep telling myself, that living here is worth it, the noise is worth it, youre getting your dental done…. and I think of being woke out of a sound sleep last night by a banger… I would love me some barbecued balls….. off that banger….

Ignoring the news and Trump and his religious zealots…. You have to hope, everyone is going to get out and vote this time…. never tell me you didn’t… just that simple… freedom has never been free….

FYI, Costco in Kona, has the worse layout, crowded aisles an not even enough registers open…want to know the real Hawaii, shop in that store, it says it like it really is… Aloha is a thing of the past….

Sgt. USAF DAV I Remember… Margie.

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