I pass on the Lies… edited

Don’t do church, why??? Why would I live MY LIFE based on someone’s else’s beliefs????

So why would I watch a christian like Trump lie his ass off???

They do that daily in every church in the land, house of representatives an senate is no different…

The sky is falling for the evangelicals….

Let the games begin…Who will win…Evil by christians or humanity by humans???

My bet is on the humans…Christians sold their souls to get into Trumps man made heaven, an he’s bankrupted every company he touched…his man made heaven is already debunked…because Mary was raped an men are protecting the rapist…

Rush getting the medal of freedom, just made that symbol worthless in symbolism an face value, when a racist bigot is wearing it….. the worse of humanity, because he is devoid of humanity… Life gives us what we can live with an it kills just as easy….


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