Steven King quits Face Book, but still uses Twitter, because it’s oh so safe???? Are you for REAL?????

I started screaming from the rafters a few years ago… I’ve had 5 different face book pages shut down, because ….

Truth has no value on Face book, but the man made god does??? Zuckerberg is just hiding behind white mans god, as he steals land from Hawiians…

Anyhow… so King quits face book and thinks Twitter is the safer platform???

This veteran…. a Sgt. USAF DAV veteran was kicked off Twitter, because it no more liked the truth than Face Book….

Freedom of speech in America is an illusion… even this blog gets censored and if you doubt me… that’s okay… it’s not what you believe that matters….

Truth does….

Sgt. USAF DAV and Twitter is no better than face book and for a educated man… King you aren’t any smarter than the yahoos who voted Trump into office….

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