Thank you Senator Shatz

I have lost all faith in the system an the VA will not be my health care, medicare is taking that over….. but my dental… that, thanks to Sen Shatz office is finally going to happen… 11 years after my dental nightmare began at the El Paso VA Dec 2009…..

I asked for help there an ended up with a stroke during surgery on my leg… death care has become the norm with the VA…

Since moving to Hawaii, i’ve dealt with rude vulgar federal employees at the Hilo VA an Oahu…so I had little hope of getting anything accomplished while living here… but thanks to Sen Shatz, I cannot say that anymore…..

The Rectocell was done at Queens… an the implants are also being done here on the big island by civilian specialists….which keeps me out of the VA death care system…..

So thank you Senator Shatz for your help in getting the care I earned as a 100% service connected disabled veteran…and if you know the system, you see the irony an sarcasm in that statement…

Took 9 years to get the Rectocell done an it has taken 10 years to get the dental done… Nothing about my health care has been timely or acceptable with the VA….

But, thanks to Shatz, at least it is getting done… Finally….

Sgt USAF DAV Dental tech let the games begin….

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