Holy Crap on a Biscuit…. gotcha…

Well I’ll be… something or other… the Oahu VA denstist called me and said… they are doing my implants and he said exactly what I wanted to hear…

The surgeon on the other side will do the bloody and the doctor on this side will do all the pretty and maintenance and emergency if I have complications…

The surgeons office called and will schedule me, once they get the paperwork… so I expect sometime in March, I’ll go see him and find out what he thinks of this narrow ridge and shallow bone and bone implant the VA did in Arkansas….

Once that is all done… it goes back to Oahu VA for approval of the treatment plan and both doctors on this island are on board and yippee… I’ll get rid of this upper denture burning into my palete!!!!!!! UGH!!!!!

I expect, when it’s all said and done… I’ll have surgery sometime this summer and hopefully, they will agree to do it all at once, but, if they want to do it in stages… they are the pros…..

So, excited, and freaked… but I trust the surgeon and he already told me heal time, yada, yada…. so hopefully by this spring, we will know when we are moving home…..

It only took since May 2018 for the VA to do their job and in that time period… I had two expensive bridges fail and cause health issues and infections and lots of pain….. hurry up and wait is not health care… that is dictatorship and micro managing by an incompetent senate and president….

Sgt. USAF DAV I remember….

#NotMyPresident #ImpeachTrumpPenceBarrPompeoMcconnelGrahamJordan

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