I’m related to Who???

I never thought my family would be rich in history… oh boy was I wrong…

Working on ancestry and I have a direct descendant that was on the Mayflower… he’s a great great something grandfather… come to find out… the dude was buddies with Sir Walter Raleigh…. talk about blowing your gasket…

I follow the line I’m born from and we founded this nation… don’t ask me how everyone is related, many are through distant cousins…. like Pres. Zachary Taylor or Davy Crockett… his granpa, is my great great something granpa… and VP Morton, who is the descendant of pilgrims is in that line…

I have found Jamestown running deep in our family and so much more…. an proud, oh so very proud to come from such stock… and I think of the upcoming noon news and the words Impeachment….

I wonder what they would think of the religious twisting and warping what the founders laid for us to build on…. and in one fell swoop, the mentally ill destroy democracy…..

I keep asking what happen to honesty, integrity, truth, right to be who you were born to be in America???? What happen and I look at my own family and through the ages… the last century… the corruption of the christian faith…

Rome never lost when they left the Saxons… they spread like a plague around the world with a warped and twisted religion that destroys, more than it can ever heal….

Sgt. USAF DAV and damn proud to be a pilgrim……………………….

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