I’m over the lies….. My Vote is my Voice….

I can remember in the day… the hell fire and brimestone kind of preaching… it wasn’t teaching you anything… it was trying to scare you straight… and frankly after watching the GOP and Trumps base… if you still believe in god… Dr. Phil might be available….. I would pass on Oz… he’s in denial of his own talent… it’s all god…

That being said….

When I worked protocol and watched Senator Dole watch another Senator who was shit face drunk crawl around on the floor and not say anything… any delusions I had over humans in congress, went out the door of the flight line building….. and yes, I know who the Senator was that was crawling around on the floor… so does Mrs. Dole…. go ask her….

You could say, that after the Air Force covered up my gang rape by officers and proceeded to cover up the rape and attempted murder of my children on a federal installation… I was done…

I had no faith, trust or interest in what the GOP calls a functioning democratic process….

When people swear the god they worship is the know all to end all and say it’s not acceptable to rape children, but they go to mass anyway… well that is the definition of insanity….

Still thinking of that bucket list… acreage, in the middle of bumb fuck no where, dig a moat, plant garlic all around the farm and get me a shot gun with silver buck shot and sit back on the porch and watch the circus implode….

Honestly, all joking aside… I know of only one way to take the corruption out of our democracy…. seperate church and state, like the founders documented….. and get off your ass and Vote, based on facts and not the internet or Fox news…. damn, that station just reminds me of that rag the enquire or other fantsay writing… like the bible…..

Our TV is on any station that does NOT have the impeachment on it… If I want to watch a crooked court room dance…. I can go sit in any court in the land and have a 50-50 shot of seeing that or a church….

I remember…..

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